Dr. Amir Zeibak, Founder + CEO Will Shake Up Global Pricing Model in an Announcement at Mr. Olympia, Las Vegas, Nevada, Sept. 18 to 21.


For Immediate Release:
Sept. 12. 2014, Vancouver – MMUSA announced today that the company, founded in 1995 to market soluble liquid creatine, will cease business relations with both online and bricks and mortar retailers whose primary business model is discount distribution. Since its founding MMUSA has designed each product to be the optimal formulation to achieve specific performance parameters -to ensure the best possible user outcome. This is the opposite of a common practice within the supplement industry. Where products are formulated to a low price point. And ingredient quality and proportion are compromised in order to produce a products that are sold at a cheap price but still yield a high profit margin. MMUSA believes that the new wave of discounting and downward pressures on product wholesale prices jeopardizes the integrity of the entire industry and may place an increasing amount of consumers at real risk.

Dr. Amir Zeibak, MMUSA Founder + CEO issued this statement on Sept. 6, 2014:
We have worked hard to expand the success that our products enjoy worldwide. Recently, we have had to deal with inconsistencies in our product pricing. This has occurred as a result of our wide global distribution channels. In order to ensure fairness and consistency in what MMUSA athletes everywhere pay for our products, we will, after Oct. 1st 2014, be discontinuing our relationship with any enterprise whose business premise is low ball discounting. Our products are not commodities like beans or potatoes – to be sold at the lowest price as some store’s loss leader. Neither will localhost:8888/mmusanewpromise on formula or ingredient quality to meet some online discounter’s arbitrary price point levels. Our customers deserve the best. And our best includes price integrity and consistency across all markets, in all distribution channels. These are the same qualities we build into all our products. We are pleased to continue our relationship with professional resellers who offer a positive, high quality customer experience, such as We invite other distributors in any market, anywhere in the world, who share our values to join us in future, profitable partnerships.

All New Rebranding + Website Launch
MMUSA will also unveil the most radical rebranding of its products in the company’s 20 year history. Two years have gone into the dramatic packaging makeover – the result of extensive research and an exhaustive design competition. The rebranding initiative will be supported by a new website scheduled to go live in mid Sept.

CONTACT: Dr. Amir Zeibak, CEO + Founder
email: drzeibak@localhost:8888/mmusanew


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