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Formula 99+ Creatine Ester HCL


Formula 99+ Creatine Ester HCL


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Formula 99 is all about increase and decrease. Increase the size of your muscle cells, muscle mass, strength, power, workout capacity, and recuperation.

The decrease—or more accurately, elimination—is in the loading phase, cycling on and off, bloating, and water retention. It’s all down to creatine ethyl ester hydrochloride, or Creatine EEHcL, the newest form of creatine. It’s so concentrated that you only have to take a tiny bit once a day (1/4 teaspoon per 100 pounds), but you can take it every day, all year long.

Easily dissolved, you can pop FORMULA 99 into your sports drink or just mix it with a glass of water or juice. Consistent intake will enable you to perform at higher levels, recuperate quickly, and maintain higher levels of muscle mass day after day.

Supplement Facts


Increased muscle mass, strength, and power
Improved workout capacity and recuperation
No loading phase, cycling on and off, bloating, or water retention
Water-soluble and easy to drink


Mix one serving with one cup of water thirty minutes before your workout. For maximum results, you may take one serving in the morning as well.

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