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Toned Up Serum


Toned Up Serum


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5.1 fl. Oz. serum

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What do women want? Many would say a lean, trim, and muscular physique.

TONE UP helps women do strength-training without looking bulky like a bodybuilder. This pre-workout formula lets you increase your intensity and get leaner without getting into a catabolic state (when your muscles are breaking down, not building up). Water-soluble TONE UP is quickly absorbed and generates energy fast while avoiding the water retention and bloating that female athletes often experience using creatine and other amino acids in powder form. Ready, set, TONE UP.

Supplement Facts


Supports strength training
Eliminates water retention and bloating
Quickly absorbed
Promotes lean muscle development


Take ten minutes before your workout. Fill the dropper to the 1 ml mark. Place it under your tongue and swallow. Repeat five times.

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